Nick Silver Rose
Product Manager and Software Engineer
Jack of many trades.

Product Manager.
Software Engineer.
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I took my first computer science course when I was two years old.

It came in the form of a collection of small, colorful bricks that I assembled into a spaceship. From my days of playing with Legos to programming on the computer, I have loved to build things. It was only at the beginning of my college career, however, that I discovered I could build anything in my imagination on my laptop. Since then, I've traveled a long way.
I began my first year at UC Berkeley in our intro to computer science course, CS10-The Beauty and Joy of Computing. I knew I had fallen in love when I built a fully autonomous simulator of the card game "Uno!" on a Friday night for fun. When I began the game, it was 5 p.m. When I looked at the clock next, it was 5 in the morning.
My passion for building has only grown since then. I've coded my way through hackathons, side-projects, internships, and even some assigned schoolwork with generous amounts of enthusiasm and coffee. I've built humorous websites, fun games, and now a company that specializes in helping people plan their day.
I'll be joining Google as an Associate Product Manager in August, and I'm really excited to continue to my education there.
I challenge myself outside of CS, taking classes in Music, Buddhist Studies and Astronomy. I achieved a 3.9 GPA while balancing side projects, fitness, and research.
Cofounder and Software Engineer
I cofounded a company that combines hardware, software, and an API-centric design to help people plan their day around how crowded their favorite places are and companies plan their future based on realtime and historical occupancy analytics. Read about the product evolution here.
Product Manager
I drove the design and provided a roadmap for the development of a new Visual Studio template that makes it easier for startups to integrate authentication in their web apps.
Full Stack Engineer
I work part-time as a full stack developer at ClickTime, building a new API in C# in the .NET framework and creating a chrome extension entirely in AngularJS.
I'm a teaching assistant for Berkeley's intro to Artificial Intelligence course. I love finding new and inventive ways to demonstrate abstract CS theory to my students, hoping to inspire in them a love of Computer Science.
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